The Illness

Stories I've Never Told...

My feet dangled freely from the wooden dining room chair as I dunked my chocolate chip cookies into a mug of milk. As I ate, I watched my favourite television show, Full House, on the bulky brown television set in the corner of my grandparent’s kitchen.

I liked this episode a lot so far. I had never seen it before. The oldest daughter DJ went to a building where grandparents lived. I really liked to see her with them because I spent my whole day with my grandparents. I wondered where the grandchildren in the show were, but I couldn’t figure it out. I was very happy when DJ befriended a nice old man.

I slurped my milk loudly as DJ brought her grandfather friend home. This was a really nice episode. I couldn’t wait for DJ’s younger sisters to meet the man too! But then suddenly the music changed…

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